Teaching Staff Role and Responsibility
Mrs C. Atkinson, MA Additional Educational Needs
Mrs J. E. P. Exley, BEd Head of Pre-Prep, Year 1 (Crickets) Teacher
Mrs R. George, BA, EYPS Nursery (Ladybirds) Teacher
Mrs A. J. Johnson, BEd Reception (Honey Bees) Teacher
Mrs H. M. Millard, BSc, PGCE Teacher of Performing Arts, PE, French
Mrs A. A. Purnell, BEd Year 1 (Crickets) Teacher
Mrs E. A. A. Sherwin, BA, PGCE Year 1 (Dragonflies) Teacher
Teaching Assistants Role and Responsibility
Mrs A. C. Corby Reception (Honey Bees)
Ms T. L. Culver Year 2 (Dragonflies)
Mrs R. C. Ling Year 1 (Crickets)
Mrs D. A. Nolan Nursery (Ladybirds)