Teaching Staff  Role and Responsibility
Mr H. L. Alleyne Physical Education*, Resident Boarding Tutor
Mr J. Anderson, BA PCGE Technology*
Dr L. J. Ashby, BSc, PhD, PGCE Chemistry*
Mr B. Barnes Teaching Assistant, Tennis Coach LTA, Food Technology, Physical Education
Mrs I. M. C. Beeching, BA, MA English as an Additional Language
The Revd. M. S. Bennett, MusB, BA Chaplain*
Ms A.E. Bensberg, BSc, MA, CELTA, DipSpLD, APC Head of Additional Educational Needs
Miss D. T. Burren, BSc, PGCE Head of Geography*
Mrs V. H. Burton, BSc, PGCE Geography*, Work Experience Co-ordinator
Dr M. G. Caiazza, BA, MA, PGCE, PhD English, Head of Film Studies
Miss S. Cheema, BSc, PGCE Mathematics, Resident Tutor of Sunfield House
Mr J. M. Clapp, BSc, MA, PGCE Deputy Housemaster of Watson, PSHE Co-ordinator, Biology*
Mr R. A. Comfort, BA Deputy Housemaster of Baker, English, Film Studies, PSHE, Extra-curricular Activities Co-ordinator
Mr R. N. Comfort, BSc Head of Business Studies and Economics, Head of Operations
Mrs H. E. Copland, TESOL Head of English as an Additional Language
Mrs N. L. Crocombe Food Technology
Mr D. J. Dawson, BA, MA, PGCE English
Dr E. Fernández-Iglesias, LCQ, PhD, PGCE Head of Chemistry
Miss Z. J. Fountain, BA, PGCE Art*
Ms M. Florence, BTec, BA Deputy Housemaster of Warneford, Head of Design and Technology*, President of Common Room
Mr D. A. Gonsalves, BA, MA, GTP Business Studies and Economics, History, Government and Politics
Mrs V. A. Gunn, BA, BA, MA Head of Religious Studies, Co-ordinator of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
Mr M. G. S. Hawkins, MA, MSc Mathematics, History, Government and Politics, Contingent Commander CCF
Mr J Harle, ARCM, FGSM Visiting Performance Consultant, Visiting Professor of Saxophone
Mrs A. I. Heavens, MA, PGCE Latin, Classical Civilisation, Visiting Boarding Tutor
Mr N. J. Hodge, BTec National Diploma BA, PGCE Watson Housemaster, Art*
Dr J. C. Horn, BSc, PhD Head of Physics*
Miss K. A. Howard, BSc, PGCE Additional Educational Needs
Miss R. E. Hummerstone, BSc Physics*
Mrs C. D. James, BSc, MSc, PGCE Mathematics, Deputy Housemaster of Wagner
Mr N. Johnson Design Technology
Mr A. R. Jones, BSc Head of Senior School Sport, Head of Boys’ Games, Physical Education*
Mr B. J. Jones, BEng, PGCE Physics
Dr E. R. Jones, BSc, MSc, PhD Head of Mathematics*, Fire Safety Manager, Head of Boarding
Mrs E. Jones, BA, PGCE Theatre Studies, Food Technology, Head of Girls’ Boarding, Houseparent
Dr G. L. Jones, MBChB, PGCE Head of Science, Head of Biology*
Miss M. Judi, BA Cert TEFL French, Spanish, Skills and Service Co-ordinator, Head of Careers and Progression
Mrs C. H. Lea, BSc Deputy Housemaster of Baker, Physics*
Mrs R. J Lea, Bsc, PGCE Physical Education
Mrs C. McCabe, BA, PGCE Physical Education*
Mrs D. F. Micheloud, BA, MA, DipMG, MFL and French Head of French, PSHE
Mrs H.M. Millard, BSc, PGCE Physical Education*
Mr L. A. Millard, BSc, PGCE Assistant Head, Physical Education, Mathematics*
Mrs J. J. Mitchard, BSc Assistant Director of Studies, Mathematics, IT Co-ordinator*
Mrs L. J. Moelwyn-Hughes, MA, MEd Head, Arabic, Greek
Mr D. J. Morrissey, BA, MSc, PGCE Head of History, Government and Politics, EPQ Co-ordinator
Mr C. J. Mount, MA, MSc, PGCE Biology*, PSHE, Head of Sixth Form, Co-ordinator of charities
Miss N. Muñoz Bouaouda, BA Business Studies and Economics
Mrs S. C. Newton, BA (Spanish) Baker Housemaster, Head of Spanish
Mr E. G. O’Connor, MA, MPhil, MEd Deputy Head, Government and Politics, History,
Mr P. I. O’Connor, BSc, MA, PGCE School House Houseparent, Chemistry*
Mrs J. K. O’Sullivan, BA, PGCE, CELTA English as an Additional Language, PSHE
Miss S. C. Passmore, MA, PGCE Art*
Mr S. J. Payne, MA, ARCM, LTCL, ARCO, PGCE Director of Music*
Dr V.J. Rowcroft, BA, MA, PhD, Dip ABRSM Head of Academic Music
Mr M. Sell, NCDT Acc Diploma, PGCE Director of Drama
Mrs A. A. Slater-Williams, BA, PGCE Housemaster Warneford, Director of Art*, Open Day Co-ordinator
Dr C. F. Sotillo, MA, PhD Head of Psychology, Critical Thinking, Public Examinations Officer
Mrs J. K. O’Sullivan, BA, PGCE, CELTA English as an Additional Language
Mr D. G. Stubbings Sports Assistant and Master in Charge of Hockey, Resident Tutor Clare House
Mr I. G. Swatman, BA, Dip Orch Studies Head of Performance with responsibility for Junior School Music*
Mr. H. R. Sykes Drama and Theatre Studies*
Ms S. Thelliez, FLE, PGCE French
Mr R. P. Underwood, BA, PGCE Wagner Housemaster, Head of Percussion and Music Technology*
Mrs B.E. Wakefield, BA Religious Studies
Mr M. J. Whitman, BA, MA, PGCE Head of English, Editor of The Chronicle
Mrs E. L. Wightman, BSc, PGCE Mathematics*
Mrs S. Williams, BA, Dip SpLD, Dip TEFL Additional Educational Needs

* Also teaches Junior School.