School Fees

For academic year 2016-17

There are three terms per year. Charges are per term, unless otherwise indicated.  Fees are payable in advance.

Senior School (ages 13 -18)

Full boarding £10,572
Weekly boarding £9,855
Day – Years 9 to 13 £6,557

 Junior School (ages 7 – 13)

Full boarding £7,389
Weekly boarding £6,734
Choristers £7,083
Day – Years 7 & 8 £4,996
Day – Years 3 to 6 £4,909

Pre-Prep School (ages 3 – 7)

Years 1 & 2 £3,478
Reception class £3,009
Nursery (full time)* £2,450
Nursery (individual session)*:
8.30am-12.00pm £22.26 per session
8.30am -1.30pm (including lunch) £31.80 per session
8.30am – 3.30pm (including lunch) £44.52 per session

*For information on Free Early Education government funding or how to calculate part-time termly Nursery fees please follow this link.

Additional Charges

The fees cover the cost of most books, all meals for boarders and lunch for day pupils.  We aim to keep any additional costs to a minimum but parents should expect some extra charges.

For details of music lesson fees, private tuition and EAL lessons please follow this link.


Any queries regarding fees should be directed to the School Accountant, Richard Webber, or telephone 01227 475600.