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A surprise for Matron

2017_boarding-matrons birthday

Last night School House arranged a surprise birthday celebration for our Matron, Miss Luz-Mendez. She was very surprised indeed and was very happy with her birthday cake, and so were all the children!

20 September 2017


Friday Night Fun

2017_boarding_play islands sept2017

Last Friday Dr & Mrs Jones took the Lower Fifth boarders to Play Islands in Canterbury, where pupils enjoyed games of laser tag and bowling, interrupted only by some pizza to keep energy levels up. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a little better and have some fun after a busy week at school.

18 September 2017

Weekend fun for School House

2017_boardinng_mini golf

This weekend School House boarders took at trip to Rascal Bay Mini Golf; the course was designed in Sweden and encounters pirates, cannons, an octopus, snakes, skulls, a cannibal’s cooking pot, a crashed jeep, rocks, a volcano, dinosaurs, waterfalls, dinosaur eggs, a treasure chest, crocodiles and two rafts, what a way to start the boarding trips!

The sun was out and everyone had a great time, and there was also enough time for ice cream afterwards!

11 September 2017

Team building


The boarders of School House have had a fun-filled morning of team building – constructing go-karts, tables and chairs. Teamwork is the perfect way to really get to know each other and make new friends.

A fantastic start to a new year of boarding at St Edmund’s!

5 September 2017



Bridal Shower for Ms Burren

2017_js_boarding P7040070c

On Tuesday 4th July we had the privilege of hosting Ms Burren’s bridal shower. After being escorted in by Harry, the bride had a wedding dress and train fashioned out of our very best newspaper. Our top of the profession make up artists then proved how good they are by making Ms Burren look even more beautiful. After the cutting of the cake and presentation of the boarders book of wedding tips, the afternoon finished with the traditional bouquet throwing, caught by Jewels.

6th July, 2017

Silly Summer Social

summer social 2 (1)

The boarders asked for a Silly Sports Day as the end-of-term social for this year…and what a superb choice it turned out to be! A BBQ of chicken and lamb kebabs started the evening off superbly and the sun stayed out to make the evening very relaxing and enjoyable. An inflatable assault course and bungee run proved to be very popular and all pupils were keen to see the staff have a go too. Sack races and giant space hoppers provided great entertainment after a busy few weeks. The evening was rounded off with the Festival fireworks and hot dogs on the sheep field. A wonderful evening.

6 July 2017

School House Awards


The end of what seemed a very quick year brought our School House Awards this evening.  After ice cream and sweets were enjoyed the serious business of handing out chocolate medals and certificates began. The highlights were; Most likely to be the first female French President (Tamara), Best Make Up Artist (Amisa), King of the Bouncy Castle (Charles) and the Audrey Hepburn award for stylish dressing and drinks (Alice). The evening had a special presentaion for Ms Lawton in recognition of all the fabulous ways that she has made School House so wonderful to be in this year. Good luck and we will miss you.

5th July 2017


Harry Potter Studios

2017_boarding Harry Potter

Several boarders went to visit the Warner Brother Studios where the Harry Potter films were made. They immersed themselves in a five-hour tour where they explored the original film sets. Highlights included the grandeur of the Ministry of Magic, the serpentine streets of Diagon Alley and the intricate costumes and props. A great way to escape from school for a few hours on a Saturday.

3 July 2017

Paintballing Fun

2017_js_boarding IMG_0125c

Today School House worked as a team at Quex Park Junior Paintballing. Loyalties were tested, and great fun was had by all.  “The best activity of the year” exclaimed Javier.

1 July 2017


Work experience at the University of Kent

2017_ss_Jiaming - Kent University w

Noah and Jiaming have been working this week in the Chemistry department at the University of Kent. Their work involves helping out with the running of the labs and trialing experiments for the undergraduate courses. So far they have worked in superconductors, luminescent compounds and preparing photosensitive solutions to make their own photographic prints. A huge thank you to Dr. Fernandez (Head of Chemistry) for organising such a wonderful opportunity.

29 June 2017