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Looking after the rabbits

2017_boarding_Rabits 001

One of the advantages of living at school is being able to help out with looking after the animals in the Nature Garden. Making sure that the rabbits are fed, watered and safely put away for the night is a fun way to take on responsibility.

24 May 2017

Weekend afternoon activities

With the start of summer it is good to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  The tennis rackets were dusted off and the junior boarders enjoyed a very active ’round the world’ tournament. Gales of laughter were soon resounding around the court as the boarders enthusiastically enjoyed themselves. Well done to Sihu, the eventual champion.

23 May 2017

Sports Day

2017 _boarding_Sports Day 009

Well done to all our boarders for their tremendous effort in competing for their House at the St Edmund’s Sport Day on Saturday. It was a great example of resilience. What shone out apart from the weather was everybody’s kind-hearted and warm support of their fellow competitors.

22 May 2017

Exploring Whitstable

2017_boarding_oyster eating 1 (1)

“Sir, I’ve never tried oysters before. What are they like?”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

Our budding gastronauts were then duly taken to Whitstable, a nearby coastal town famed for its oysters, to sample these fresh delicacies. It was fair to say that Jennifer has been won over to these little gems of the sea. Sneha was less enamoured, she was hoping for a pearl!

22 May 2017


A river tour

2017_boarding_punting w

On Saturday 6th May, the boarders went on the Canterbury River Tours punts for a tour down the River Stour.  They thoroughly enjoyed travelling along the peaceful river and listening to stories of life in Canterbury over the ages.  The ‘ducking stool’ story was a particular favourite as was the tour guide pushing the boat through one of the many low bridges with his feet!

We then walked to Choir House to visit their St Edmund’s classmates, the Cathedral Choristers. The boarders were most interested to look around the boarding house and learn a little about life as a Chorister.

17 May 2017

‘Fantastic’ film night

2017_boarding_Film Night May 2017 - 2 w

While many of the older boarders were out on Saturday evening at an eighteenth birthday party, those that remained in boarding chose to make use of the new cinema screen in the common room and watch ‘Fantastic Beasts’. We created a true cinema experience for a night at the movies!

Immersing themselves in the J K Rowling’s magical universe made a welcome break from revision and examinations for our boarders.

8 May 2017

Assisting the Kent Fire & Rescue Service


An exciting evening last week when St Edmund’s took part in a simulated full scale drill with the Kent Fire & Rescue Service involving four fire engines and crews from the local area. Everyone quickly evacuated to the classroom block and was then invited to watch, from a distance, the fictitious rescue of three boys from the second floor. The school works closely with the Kent Fire & Rescue Service and we were pleased to assist in this exercise.  It was most interesting for the boarders to see how quickly and professionally the firefighters would be able to respond in an emergency.

2 May 2017

Late night ‘cello practice


Damien is one of our extremely talented musicians, and it is always a delight to hear him play. He is often to be found practising late into the evening within the peaceful atmosphere of our beautiful chapel.  We are all really looking forward to his solo performance at the St Edmund’s Gala Concert in Canterbury Cathedral on Thursday.  Good luck, Damien.

15th March 2017

A night at the theatre


School House went to see the evening performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. This is what the boarders thought of it.

“The best show I have seen at the Marlowe.” ***** Jewels Hall

“A good plot twist.” **** Kristina Rai

“Very loud.” ***** Hasina Thapa Magar

9 March 2017

Sunday Football

2017_ss_boarding_sunday football

The use of the AstroTurf pitch on Sunday afternoons is becoming increasingly popular now the weather is warmer and yesterday the boarders organised a ‘friendly’ game of football – it was good to see some girls joining in too!

6 March 2017