2017_pp_Egg experiment Mr Mount 90217 012As part of our continued topic ‘Out of an Egg’ the Crickets visited the Science Labs, to do some egg experiments and discover more about the science of an egg.

Firstly, being health and safety conscious we all had to wear safety goggles. Mr Mount showed us an egg that had been sitting in a jar of acid (vinegar). We could see lots of fizzy bubbles but when we looked even closer, we could see that the shell was slowly disintegrating and the membrane was exposed.

2017_pp_Egg experiment Mr Mount 90217 022


Once we had all experimented pouring vinegar over an egg and learning so many facts, including, how oxygen gets into the eggs, the membranes and what albumen is, we then moved to our next experiment….

For this experiment, some of us had to wear our lab coats (the children nearest to Mr Mount could potentially get splashed!). The objective of this experiment was to find out how much weight an egg could hold.

2017_pp_Egg experiment Mr Mount 90217 027


Mr Mount started with a weight of 0.5kg, then increased it to 1kg and then to 1.5kgs. Maya was very sure the egg was going to crack with any more weight, but the egg was showing its strength! The teeniest crack appeared under the weight of 2kgs. With the anticipation building at a fast rate, Mr Mount lowered 3kg of weight onto the egg…

The suspense was immense!

The egg finally succumbed and cracked, with delight from the Crickets, who were amazed that the egg was able to hold so much weight. 3kg was even quite heavy for us to hold.

Thank you Mr Mount, you were so informative and showed us great experiments. We all had a lovely morning.

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