Mummifying tomatoes!

The Dragonflies are learning about life in Ancient Egypt so it wasn’t long before they came across the curious activity of mummification: the Ancient Egyptians preserving the bodies of their pharaohs in order to be perfect for the afterlife.

The curious Dragonflies wanted to find out how mummification worked so we asked our friend, Mr Mount (Head of Senior School Biology) if he could explain it to us and Mr Mount invited us to the Science Labs to do some experiments!

pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 005First Mr Mount explained that dried things do not rot very quickly – that’s why raisins last much longer than grapes – so the Ancient Egyptians covered the dead pharaoh in special salt called natron salt to dry the body.  But first they removed the special organs and put them into canopic jars.  Mr Mount showed us where the organs were – he was very impressed that we knew lots about them already!

Then he gave the children tomatoes and asked the boys and girls to draw a face on it – they were going to pretend their tomato was a pharaoh’s head!

pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 008The children anointed their tomatoes with special oil to stop the bacteria…

pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 011 pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 010 pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 007 pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 013 pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 017









… then our Six Form Helpers (Minnie and Benedict) helped us make incisions and we carefully scooped out the brains (seeds).  It was really fun!

Mr Mount helped the children packed their pharaoh’s head in natron salt so that the tomato would dry out and be “mummified”!  We will leave out tomatoes for a week and then Mr Mount will help us excavate the mummified heads!pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 019pp_2017_MummifyingTomatoes 018