Inspiring talk from Major Todd, MBE

_12G0094796-minIn 2015, a Gurkha team led by Major Andrew Todd MBE set off to conquer Mount Everest. Their attempt was stopped by the catastrophic Nepalese earthquake that tragically killed 9,000 people. Base camp was completely destroyed and instead of climbing the mountain, the Gurkhas played a crucial role evacuating the injured. The disaster struck at the Gurkha heartlands and the regiment went on to provide vital leadership and support to international rescue teams. Two years later, Major Todd led the same team back to Nepal and successfully reached the summit of Everest.

Today, he told our Lower Sixth pupils his team’s incredible, inspirational story. We are extremely grateful to Major Todd for his time and for delivering such a uniquely powerful presentation. Indeed, he only returned from Everest three weeks ago and is still recovering physically.

Major Todd wwbSt Edmund’s School has strong links with the Gurkha Regiment, and a number of Gurkha families have educated their children here.

Our Sixth Formers learnt a lot about leadership, teamwork and courage in the face of adversity.

Those interested in the expedition can read about it here: