Trip to Harry Potter Studios









On the 24th June 2017, an excited group of students from Wagner and Baker set off to spend the day at ‘The Making of Harry Potter- Warner Bros. Studio Tour’. We arrived and received studio passports which we could find stamps for whilst we were on the tour. The fun began after Mr Underwood handed out our wristbands and assisted those who were having trouble putting them on!

The tour stared with a video of interviews from the cast and crew from the films. Once it had finished, the doors to the great hall unbolted and the room came to a standstill. Eyes widened and mouths gasped open before turning to smiles – the tour had begun. We stared to catch sight of the golden snitches that were hidden around the studio as we explored the magic of the wizarding world; ticking each one off in our passports.

The addition of the forbidden forest to the studio’s activities went down very well with almost everyone – only a few pupils on the trip opted to avoid the eight-legged creatures within the exhibit. However their smiles and starry eyes soon returned as they spotted the Hogwarts Express itself. The carriages within the train were decorated to follow the stories within the films and the nostalgic feel left a few students with teary eyes.

We stopped at the café for lunch and enjoyed tasting the famous magical drink: butterbeer. We took in the surrounding sights, such as number four privet drive and the nightbus. The tour finished with detailed drawings and plans of the characters and places that we have all come to love. We explored the shop, where some people purchased souvenirs, such as Ronald Wesley’s favourite snack (chocolate frogs); before re-grouping at the coach after a wonderful day out.

Every student who went on the trip thoroughly enjoyed the day so a special thank you goes to Mrs Newton and Mr Underwood for organising the social.