Modern-Day Knights

DFSoldierVisit 012The Dragonflies continued their “Turrets and Tiaras” topic with a science week – learning about strong materials to build castles and protect knights.  We are very lucky to have a modern-day knight as one of the class mummies and Sergeant Jo Aldridge came to visit the class to talk to the children about the modern body armour worn by our troops.

DFSoldierVisit 031The clever Dragonflies quickly spotted similarities and differences between the modern armour and the suits of armour they had been studying.  “It’s camouflaged so the soldiers can hide,” observed Felix, “Not like the shiny silver armour.”

“It looks easier to move in than the paper suit of armour I made yesterday!” said Alex, “There are no plates on the arms and legs.”

DFSoldierVisit 023We were surprised at how heavy the Kevlar body armour was.  The children drew upon their knowledge of heavy materials and made lots of sensible suggestions about the type of material Kevlar could be: Sergeant Aldridge was very impressed!  She told us that Kevlar was very, very strong plastic and was made to protect soldiers from modern weapons.

DFSoldierVisit 025DFSoldierVisit 033DFSoldierVisit 007The children were very excited to try on the body armour, “I feel like one of my tortoises!” said Josh.

“I can hardly walk – it’s like wearing a suit of armour!” exclaimed Lexie.

Thank you Sergeant Aldridge for teaching us about our brave, modern-day knights.  We are lucky to have you to look after us and it’s good to know that you are safe and protected in your body armour!