Hever Castle

The Dragonflies (Year Two) are learning about the Tudors as part of their “Turrets and Tiaras” topic.

Today the class visited Hever Castle, childhood home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I. The children were very excited to spot some of Hever Castle’s defensive features – similar to the model castles that we are making in the classroom.

DFHeverCastleTrip 007DFHeverCastleTrip 004“Look at that scary portcullis and all those murder holes!” exclaimed Morgan.

“The drawbridge still works plus this castle has two moats – it was VERY well protected!” said Josh.

DFHeverCastleTrip 011“Lady Boleyn” met us in the castle courtyard, we remembered to make our best bow or curtsy…

And then we were taken on a special guided tour of the castle.  We spotted lots of Tudor Roses and even a couple of suits of armour!  We were delighted to see portraits of many of the characters we have been learning about, greeting each familiar face with excitement.  Our guide was very impressed with ourIMG_0601 IMG_0603clever questions and observations.

We loved looking at the life-sized models in Tudor clothes and imagining what it must have been like to live in the castle 500 years ago.


DFHeverCastleTrip 013We said goodbye to Lady Boleyn and the fun continued with a Tudor Workshop!

DFHeverCastleTrip 040The children were given hats to show their role in Tudor society – king, noble, merchant, servant or peasant.  They discovered more about their roles and then quickly got themselves into order: the king at the top and the peasants at the bottom, Alice said she “Wouldn’t want to be a peasant in Tudor times as it was very hard work and there was no time for fun!” but Yasar said he “Liked being the King!”.

DFHeverCastleTrip 039 DFHeverCastleTrip 037 DFHeverCastleTrip 036As a reward for being so clever the Dragonflies then had a chance to play with some Tudor toys and games – marbles, spinning tops and fun card games, it was an interesting way to imagine living in Tudor times.

DFHeverCastleTrip 043 DFHeverCastleTrip 046After lunch we had an opportunity to explore the castle grounds – we particularly enjoyed the Yew Maze – and didn’t even get lost!

DFHeverCastleTrip 006What a wonderful way to learn about life in Tudor times!