Sister Allison teaches the Crickets about hearing

2017_pp_crickets P1150501 (1)As part of our Senses work, Sister Allison came to teach the Crickets about hearing. They learnt about all the parts needed to hear and their names such as ‘stirrup’, ear canal’ and ‘cochlea’.

“Wow, what a lot of different bits!” exclaimed Oscar.

“Our ears are very clever.” said Charlotte.

We learnt about balance by using bottles of coloured water and spinning around. We observed rice on a drum and that by hitting a tray, the rice ‘jumped’. This is like vibrations travelling along the canal. We recreated the BFG’s ear canal and sent different messages to the brain.

Sister Allison looked inside Mrs Purnell’s ear and we could see things such as the ear drum and tiny hairs. She taught us the importance of keeping your ears healthy and not putting things in your ear.

Louis was some ear wax and Sister Allison used a ‘giant’ cotton bud to show what happens to the ear when one is used.

What an interesting Science lesson!

2017_pp_crickets P1150489