2013_ss_drama_dreamThe extra-curricular is at the core of the life of the Drama Department and allows us to support and enhance the dramatic education on offer. The programme encompasses a full variety of activities that encourage and challenge the large numbers of pupils that regularly participate.

We provide a safe environment in which to develop skills not easily learned in the classroom: physical and vocal self-confidence; the social disciplines of working in a group; imaginative spontaneity through improvisation; an extended emotional range; the power of the pupils’ own creativity and a respect for that of others.  All this is achieved through learning to play and to perform. Moreover, we believe that learning the techniques of acting and theatre is simultaneously a source of relaxation and stimulation for the self as a whole.  It helps connect us to others, fosters creativity, flexibility, generosity and learning in general, skills that are ever more needed in an adolescent world full of isolating technologies.


The extra-curricular programme includes:

  • Major whole school productions which in recent years have included Twelve Angry Men, A Chorus Line, Daisy Pulls it Off and a full-scale pantomime
  • Regular whole school events
  • LAMDA Acting examinations
  • Workshops for scholars
  • Theatre trips to the West End and beyond
  • A wide variety of school trips including to New York and Krakow
  • Drama classes
  • Dance classes