London Lunch

‘Tony opened the batting (probably for the first time ever) by welcoming a maximum gathering to The Prince Edward.

A particular welcome was extended to Louise Moelwyn-Hughes, Giselle Durnford and Amanda Selmon who added much needed colour, a welcome change to the grey normally in evidence at these events!

It was unfortunate that the lunch clashed with David Keir’s funeral in Canterbury but before long spirits were raised, coincidentally at the same speed as the bottles emptied! Just the way Dave would have approved of.

It gave Tony particular pleasure in welcoming so many guests from the Canterbury area and with an equal amount of people attending for the first time. He hoped very much that this would be a pattern for future events wherever or whatever they would be.

The usual suspects retreated to the bar upstairs and judging by the e-mail traffic that followed, the event was deemed a success. Certainly the e-mail quality suggested it was an afternoon of ‘back to school’, but in their case the Junior School. Perfect.’

Anthony Zinopoulos (’63)