Important news for all Society members

Proposal for St Edmund’s Society

The main object of our Society as stated in our rules is:

  • To ensure that members are kept closely in contact with each other and the School
  • To provide all possible assistance to any member who may be in financial or other difficulties
  • To assist the School and its governing body in every way possible

This has been carried out to the best of the ability of our elected committee, past and present.

For some time now, we as a committee, have been investigating the possibility of a closer working relationship with the School. While working closer than ever before, since the formation of the School’s Foundation Office (which has been our administrative engine room), we now have a situation with two organisations, (The Foundation Office & Society Committee), working separately for the same end.

Specifically both organisations have tried to retain our past traditions trying to maintain a lively social calendar, and keeping our members in touch with each other whilst also lending support to those in need.

We as the Society Committee have found this to be increasingly difficult. As many of you will know we have had to scale down, alter and even cancel some events, even when answering desires from our membership. Simply put we have struggled to garner the support of our members and have seen a drop off in numbers attending our events.

We have seen fewer members wishing to join the Committee and help with day to day running. Indeed currently we have several vacancies yet to be filled.

However, all is not bleak. The School’s Foundation Office is far more successful with their events in terms of numbers and frequency. Very importantly to us, it hadn’t been obvious to Society Members that the Foundation office and the School have been arranging these events rather than the Society Committee. The Foundation has also been far more successful than the Society in encouraging recent leavers to attend their events. Something we have solely relied upon sports fixtures for in the past.

We now feel that one single administrative organisation would be the best for the future of former pupils.

As such, and with the full support of the current Committee and the School we would ask that you consider the following course of action for the betterment and successful future of our former pupils.

We would advocate that the following be voted upon

We voluntarily vote to dissolve the St Edmund’s Society, whereupon

  • We make a gift to the St Edmund’s School to include all funds held by the St Edmund’s Society
  • To include all monies in our bank account at the time
  • To include all investments at the time
  • We would seek to ensure that both the War Memorial Fund and Former Pupils Welfare Fund be protected for the future.

With a majority vote we would hand all financial and administrative care to the Foundation Office of St Edmund’s School. 

The Committee feel it only fair to allow postal and electronic votes, details of which will be posted shortly.

It is very important to our Committee that you, as a former pupil of the School and member of the Society, cast your vote on this matter. We hope that you will be able to see a brighter future in your association with the Foundation Office. Please take a moment to consider your view on this matter and let us know.

We would ask that you please check our society website ( initially for all relevant dates and voting procedures as they will be published shortly. It is very important that you as members ensure that all contact details that we have for you are correct, both postal and email addresses, to enable us to send this hugely important information to you.

For and on behalf of the St Edmund’s School Society

Kris de Pledge – Chairman

Nick Thurgood – Secretary

Kevin Hopper – President

Matthew Sutton – Treasurer

Sean Thompson – Committee member

Lauren Soutan – Committee member

Shiona Scott – Committee member

Rafi Stone – Committee member


Date published 20th March 2017