What is St Edmund’s Society?


As an association for former pupils of St Edmund’s School, the aim of our Society has remained unchanged for generations and that aim is a simple one: to ensure that our members are able to maintain close links with one another and also with St Edmund’s School itself.


Traditionally, the Society has achieved contact with its members and the school through organised events.  As times change, new ways of keeping in touch have developed. Social media and smart devices allow today’s leavers to maintain close personal links far more easily, and we are embracing these developments to create opportunities for more day by day news. We also encourage smaller informal gatherings of St Edmund’s alumni and are very happy to hear of any such initiatives.


The Society is able to offer support to its members should they find themselves in any kind of difficulty, as well as having a ready-made network for careers advice. We are lucky to have representatives of most professions in the Society many of whom would be only too willing to offer their guidance and expertise.


Recently, we have been making an effort to take full advantage of our strong links with the school, to improve communication and allow for mutual growth and success.  In order that the Society continues to thrive, we would ask that you consider keeping in touch, offering ideas and supporting your school and its many events.


Kris de Pledge, Chairman of St Edmund’s Society

Welcome from Ed Vant, Society President

Welcome from Ed Vant

It is a great honour for me to become President of the Society for 2015 and I look forward to meeting many former pupils this year through the various events that the Society organises on an annual basis. My association with the school started on entry to Junior School in September 1974 and this year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the day I left, in July 1985. So much has happened in those thirty years but many of my very closest friends are former pupils from my year and other years in the school.

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Welcome from Louise Moelwyn-Hughes, Head of School

Welcome from Louise Moelwyn-Hughes

St Edmund's School is proud of and grateful for the very positive and close relationship which it enjoys with the Society. From organising year group reunions to welcoming individual former pupils who have an interest in revisiting their alma mater, the school is keen to encourage and foster friendships between all those who have fond memories of their old school and its characters.

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