St Edmund’s Society

Important News for all Society Members 

Please read this proposal for changes to the St Edmund’s Society

2012_society_Summer GatheringThe main object of our Society as stated in our rules is:


  • To ensure that members are kept closely in contact with each other and the School

  • To provide all possible assistance to any member who may be in financial or other difficulties

  • To assist the School and its governing body in every way possible


This has been carried out to the best of the ability of our elected committee, past and present.


For some time now, we as a committee, have been investigating the possibility of a closer working relationship with the School. While working closer than ever before, since the formation of the School’s Foundation Office (which has been our administrative engine room), we now have a situation with two organisations, (The Foundation Office & Society Committee), working separately for the same end.


Please click here to read the full proposal 

Welcome from Louise Moelwyn-Hughes, Head of School

Welcome from Louise Moelwyn-Hughes

St Edmund's School is proud of and grateful for the very positive and close relationship which it enjoys with the Society. From organising year group reunions to welcoming individual former pupils who have an interest in revisiting their alma mater, the school is keen to encourage and foster friendships between all those who have fond memories of their old school and its characters.

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Welcome from Kevin Hopper, Society President

Welcome from Kevin Hopper

I joined St Edmund's School in September 1976 at the tender age of 7 years and 4 months. Being the ninth "Hopper" to attend the school, following 3 brothers, 1 father, 2 cousins and 2 uncles I received plenty of advice of what to do and not to do, some of which I used but mostly I forgot!

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