Canterbury Cathedral Choristerships

St Edmund’s School is proud to educate and care for the choristers of Canterbury Cathedral and they are a very special part of our school. The opportunity to be a chorister in Canterbury Cathedral is something truly unique, particularly in view of the international role and focus which Canterbury fulfils. The benefits to a young boy are many and include:

• Musical training at the highest level on a daily basis

• A major scholarship to St Edmund’s School Canterbury

• Performing to a large, worldwide audience in a wonderful building

• A huge boost to self-confidence and assurance

• Teamwork and collaboration

• Involvement in all the historic occasions which happen in Canterbury Cathedral

• Tuition and performance on two musical instruments as well as vocal tuition

Choristership is a life-changing experience and one on which a boy will look back with pride and which will give him the greatest advantages. Some choristers go on to distinguished musical careers, but by no means all become musicians and the skills learned are thoroughly transferable to other walks of life.

The Canterbury Cathedral Girls’ Choir was founded in 2014.  Girls in Year 8 can audition and a number of St Edmund’s girls are currently in the choir. Please see the Cathedral website for more details.

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