Our Aims

St Edmund’s School Canterbury is proud of its reputation as a school in which pupils enjoy their education.

Pupils are encouraged to aim for and achieve the very highest standards of which they are capable in order that they may grow into fine, young people. We aim for our leavers to be justifiably proud of themselves, fully equipped to make a success of their personal and professional lives and to deal with the demands of the modern world.


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The school is a caring and disciplined community, informed by Christian principles, and is committed to providing a broad education which will ensure that boys and girls are both happy and successful. The crucial importance of developing compassionate and decent human relationships is emphasised alongside the nurturing of individual interests and talents so that each boy or girl may proceed from school with:

  • Accomplished intellectual skills and the best possible academic qualifications
  • A mature awareness of the spiritual and ethical as well as the material nature of life
  • A self-confidence which is founded on self-knowledge and self-discipline, and an honesty and integrity which inspire trust
  • Assured social skills which include an understanding of the concepts of duty and loyalty
  • A willingness to accept responsibility and to be interested in, and care for, the people about them whatever their background or outlook
  • Well developed physical capabilities and an understanding of all that contributes to good health, together with the qualities of self-reliance and teamwork gained through sport and the challenges of the outdoors, and an appreciation of the ideals of sportsmanship
  • A broad cultural awareness, acquired particularly through music, drama and art, and an understanding of the importance of beauty in their lives