St Edmund’s School welcomes students from all over the world.  Boarding places are available for boys and girls from age 11.

2013_SatMornProg1Step 1 – Contact our school

Please contact the Admissions team by email admissions@stedmunds.org.uk or telephone + 44 (0)1227 475601.

Step 2 – Registration

Parents will be required to register their child/children for St Edmund’s School by completing and returning a Registration Form, together with the non-refundable £100 registration fee.  The child’s name is then added to the provisional list for entry in the term indicated. A child cannot be assessed for entry and subsequently accepted without first registering.

Step 3 – Assessment

Ideally the Head would wish to interview the child; however agents, in the child’s country of origin, may be instructed to do this on the School’s behalf or a SKYPE interview can be arranged.

  • For entry into Year 9, prospective pupils will have to sit an entrance exam in Maths and English.
  • For entry into Year 10, prospective pupils will have to take an entrance exam in Maths and English.
  • For entry into Year 12, prospective pupils have to achieve a minimum of 6 GCSE or IGCSE passes at grade C or Grade 4 and above, together with minimum B  or Grade 5, through a 6 is preferable in their chosen A-level subjects.
  • Overseas prospective pupils not sitting GCSEs or IGCSEs, are required to take entrance exams in each of the chosen A-level options.
  • If English is not the pupil’s first language, the prospective pupil is also required to sit an English exam.
  • For applications to the Junior School, prospective pupils will have to sit entrance examinations in English and Maths.

Our policy is to apply the criteria in the Admissions Policy to all pupils and potential pupils regardless of any disability of which we are aware, subject to our obligation to make reasonable adjustments so as not to put any pupil at a substantial disadvantage when compared to others. Whilst we do not have a specialist unit, children with Additional Educational Needs (AEN) are accommodated as far as we are able.

Where pupils have a diagnosed additional need, a copy of the most current Educational Psychologist’s report will be required. A meeting will usually be arranged with our own Head of Additional Needs in order to assess the level of support needed, and whether or not we are in a position to provide this support.

Step 4 – Requesting reference and report

Parents are asked to provide copies of the two most recent School reports from their child’s current school.

 Step 5 – Offer of a place

Assuming the assessment is successful; a formal offer of a place will be sent to the parents along with the Parent’s Contract. Parents respond by accepting the place in writing, completing the joining instructions and paying a non-refundable deposit (100% of one term’s fees). In addition, please note that the first term’s fees are due on the first day of term.

Step 6 – Visa application

Students from outside the European Economic Area will require a Tier 4 visa prior to entering the UK and studying at the School. St Edmund’s School Canterbury is recognised by the UK Border Agency as a Highly Trusted Sponsor and can issue a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) to those students who are offered an unconditional place at the School. Applications for a Tier 4 visa can be made at any British Embassy or High Commission. Those students who are already in the UK and wish to study at St Edmund’s, a Tier 4 application can be made in the country (either in person or by post).

As St Edmund’s School Canterbury has Highly Trusted Status the School can accept in-country applications whilst the application for a Tier 4 visa is pending with the UK Border Agency. Obtaining the CAS from the School is only one part of the visa application process. Students seeking a Tier 4 visa should ensure that they are aware of the visa requirements and are able to demonstrate that they have the required supporting documentation available for the School to see before CAS is issued.  There is a visa admin fee of £25.00.

Download Registration Form

Download Parent Contract