Boarding Blog

Festive ice skating

Last Sunday the boarders set off for the Caverley Grounds in Tunbridge Wells for some outdoor ice skating. Loads of fun was had by all as they took in the Christmas atmosphere and enjoyed an afternoon of skating.

Christmas shopping

On Sunday 2nd December 31 girls excitedly departed for Christmas shopping at Bluewater, the amazing retail and leisure centre in Kent with over 300 shops! Four hours later an exhausted group returned to the minibuses laden with shopping bags. I think it is safe to say a good day was had by all.

Senior boarders go paintballing

Last Sunday 40 boarders accompanied by 3 members of staff set off for an afternoon of paintballing at Quex Park in Birchington. Great fun was had by all as some showed off their CCF skills while others (Spencer Wong and Mayowa Dickson) showed off their hide and go seek skills! After a little blood, sweat, tears and overall enjoyment the afternoon was capped off with a visit to McDonalds.

A weekend filled with nature and history

This weekend the boarders had another busy weekend. Saturday morning the junior boarders were taken to Wildwood Discovery Park, a woodland discovery park in north-east Kent, England. It features over fifty species of native British animals such as deer, badgers, wild boar, wolves and brown bear. All the children had a great time.

Saturday evening was time for another session of High School Musical number 2, the children had a great time singing along to the music. Luckily Mr French went upstairs with the Year 9 boarders to play FIFA 18 otherwise we would have had to listen to him singing yet again!

Sunday was an early start for the children who had signed up for the Chatham Dockyard trip. Chatham Historic Dockyard is a maritime museum on part of the site of the former royal/naval dockyard at Chatham in Kent. This dockyard covers 400 acres and was one of the Royal Navy’s main facilities for several hundred years until it was closed in 1984.

The children had a tour guide with them for the duration of the trip so they got to learn a lot about the history of the dockyard and even had a look inside HMS Ocelot, a former serving submarine.

School House weekend fun

Back into the swing of things last Saturday with the boarders’ first trip of this half term to Hollywood bowling alley in Ashford. The children had 2 games each and some came back with huge stickers for getting a strike – congratulations to Lucia and Alba for sporting the most stickers. Whilst at Hollywood bowling alley everyone had a chance to play on the amusement machines, Tangsang and Archie both came back with a few prizes.

That evening back in School House, Mrs French and Madison had set up the snacks for the evening film, High School Musical. Not only did the children enjoy this film but the singing to the music could be heard all around the boarding house!

Making pancakes

After prep was finished Mr Anderson and the boarders made pancakes for everyone to enjoy…. a tasty mid-week treat!

Ice Skating on Sunday

On Sunday 14th October 25 boarders and 3 members of staff set off for Silver Blades ice rink in Gillingham. A great deal of fun was had by all with various skating abilities displayed on the ice. Mayowa made good use of the polar bear navigating his way around the ice. Hoffman stood out like a ‘sore thumb’ as he was the only one wearing shorts and a T shirt! A good day was had by all and more importantly the day was injury free.

Mouthwatering desserts and Bingo

This weekend was a fun-packed weekend and began with the junior boarders being taken into Canterbury to the now regular (and very popular) trip to Kaspa’s – an exciting dessert house that offer the world’s favorite hot and cold desserts under one roof, the menu boasts a mouthwatering selection of ice creams,gelatos, waffles, crepes,milkshakes,smoothies and sundaes.

In the evening all School House plus some of the Lower Fifth girls settled down for a game of  ‘eyes down’ BINGO! It was a fun night with the boys and girls winning sweets and treats.

Sight-seeing around London

On Sunday the boarders were taken to London for a sight-seeing trip around the capital city. They day started at 9am where the children boarded the train at Canterbury West Station. After arriving at Victoria Station the group walked to Park Lane corner, after a brief stop to sample hot chocolate at the luxury department store, Harvey Nichols, and boarded an open-top bus where they were treated to a guided tour of London. Unfortunately the heavens opened; however this did not dampen spirits! They saw wonderful sights such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.  After the tour the group walked back to Victoria Station, via Hyde Park, to return home. The boys and girls arrived back at boarding feeling thoroughly culturally enlightened, and only a little damp.


A relaxing Exeat weekend in school

This weekend was Exeat and although many boarders spent the weekend with their families or guardians, 41 boarders chose to take advantage of the opportunity to stay at school. Those that stayed enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing time – a lie-in with late breakfast on Saturday, then into town for many and for some a day out in London. In the evening it was back to boarding with a film on the big screen and pizza and KFC and ice-cream as well as an extended bed-time! On Sunday aftrnoon a trip to dreamland in Margate with Mr and Mrs French and their son Kaden. Although the boarders stayed at school it very much did not feel that it was school!