Boarding Blog

An afternoon in the city

On Saturday our younger boarders walked into Canterbury with Mr Hooley and Mrs Burden. The city centre was buzzing with a festival: there were rock bands playing and people of all ages dancing and jumping to the beat, with flags and body paint and banners. The boarders had an excellent view from the pavement, sitting outside a cafe and eating waffles, crepes, and ice-cream. On the way back to school they stopped at some of the craft stalls – it was lovely to see the boarders behaving so well and enjoying themselves immensely.

Learning about animal rescue

St Edmund’s boarders look forward to their trips out on Saturdays. It is a time to relax and enjoy new experiences.  Last Saturday the School House boarders visited The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre in the beautiful village of High Halden.  They all had a excellent time looking at the animals and even had a chance to feed some of them. The staff at the centre said “The boarders were absolutely fantastic. They treated the animals with respect and care and they asked some very thoughtful questions. They listened well to our guide and were a delight to be with.”