2013_JS_GeneralPupils are first introduced to Classics in Form 5 through a number of classical civilization topics and a basic course in Latin grammar and vocabulary.  Both aspects of the course are further developed in Form 6, including a look at the myths, legends, history, geography, and culture of the ancient classical world, and use of ICT applications as an aid to the linguistics.

With a large intake into the School in Form 7, a beginners’ set is established for those who have no previous experience of Latin, while those who have progressed well in Form 6 continue to develop both the linguistic and the classical civilization aspects of the course. Learning for all includes visits to the British Museum (Form 7) and the Museum of London (Form 8). For some, a recent field trip to Italy to visit some of the famous sites of antiquity brought the Roman world alive.  Some pupils at this stage do not take Latin at all, but instead concentrate on reinforcing their skills in other areas.