SAINTEDS_013The benefit of studying music both instrumentally and as part of the curriculum is well-documented. It has an impact on developing memory, fine motor control concentration, and aesthetic appreciation to name but a few. All of these skills are thoroughly nurtured in music at St Edmund’s. The core skills of performing, listening and composing are presented in a vibrant, innovative manner and children are encouraged to develop their own confidence and self-belief through music.  A ‘hands-on’ approach is employed in the classroom from the earliest years with children being given the opportunity to sing, perform and explore composition through Graphic Notation and the use of Music Technology. The Music Department has a suite of iMacs running Sibelius, Logic and Garage Band.

Musical Elements, Rhythm, Pulse and Instruments of the Orchestra are some of the key areas covered in music classes, but the emphasis is on creating an excitement, enjoyment and enthusiasm for the world of music and the opportunities it can present for them.

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