Religious Studies

In our Religious Studies teaching we aim to offer children a broad-based understanding of the significance of religious belief and its importance to people in different cultures.  Although we touch on a variety of religious traditions, the heart of our teaching is about Christianity.  The aim of the subject is to inform but not to proselytise, and much of what is taught ultimately helps the children make sense of different cultures around the world and in particular Western culture: the history, art, law, ethics and beliefs of the society in which we live.

Children take a broad look at religion, becoming aware of a range of different religious traditions from around the world and studying some common themes such as festivals and sacred writings. Our major focus is on Christianity and pupils learn about the story of Jesus’ life, Jesus’ teachings and Christian traditions.  In Years 7 and 8 children study in depth a series of Old and New Testament stories and the ethical questions and issues arising from them.  These are linked to issues in the world today, and in addressing these children learn to think and articulate their own ideas and to understand the views of others.

Much of what is learned in class is reinforced in a more practical way through regular services in the School Chapel, where the Chaplain continues to explore and explain the main themes of Christianity and where the major Christian festivals are celebrated, and through Chapel the main tenets of Christian teaching are brought into the context of our everyday lives.