Physical Education & Games

2013_js_cricket wPhysical Education in all its forms plays an important part in the lives of children at St Edmund’s Junior School. The wide range of activities available in our sports programme gives children the opportunity to develop self-confidence as well as physical, mental, social and moral qualities. Competition is implicit in much of sport and pupils are encouraged to display positive attitudes, fair play and respect for others.

Pupils have an extensive exposure to different sports and disciplines and we hope this diverse experience will ignite new interests, sustain current ones and encourage a lifelong love of sport and an active and healthy lifestyle.

In the Michaelmas and Lent terms pupils in Lower and Upper Schools cover football, hockey and netball in their games lessons, while in the summer pupils take part in cricket, rounders, swimming, tennis and athletics.  This leads to the selection of representative teams that successfully represent St Edmund’s in weekly fixtures against other schools.  Indeed, ambition, excellence and self-improvement are driven by match play both in internal house matches and in a programme of regular fixtures against other schools.

The PE curriculum follows a rotation of activities that can include basketball, badminton, squash, health and fitness, trampolining, gymnastics, dance, ball skills, lacrosse, touch rugby, swimming, orienteering, golf and cross country.

The PE department believes that giving the pupils exposure to a variety of different sports will encourage children to find a sport they find particularly satisfying and we hope to inspire them to continue with physical activity throughout their life.

At the beginning of every term all children are fitness tested.  Their personal fitness profile is then recorded in their prep-diaries to see how much they improve in the various areas of fitness: cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, hand-eye co-ordination and reaction time. Children love to see the improvements in their personal fitness as they progress through the school.

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