Design & Technology

Day1317We live in a world surrounded by products that have been designed and manufactured for us: your mobile phone with its appealing curves was designed on a computer screen; your car started life as a reduced size clay model; and that delicious dessert with a crunchy base, smooth filling and fruity topping, started as basic ingredients. This is not a new phenomenon: our fascination with 3D design goes back to flint arrow heads and earthenware pots.  As a 3D designer you are at the crossroads of a number of skills. Of course you need creativity, in order to imagine the shape and function of the object. But you’ll also need to know about manufacturing processes, materials and marketing.

2013_js_design technologyIn Design &Technology lessons we teach with a problem solving approach, encouraging pupils to develop their creativity and to think ‘outside the box’. We encourage pupils to be aware of the world they live in and to be able to evaluate products effectively, for both good design and fitness for purpose. During Design  and Technology lessons pupils learn many new skills, work with a wide range of materials and gain confidence using the extensive range of equipment within the department.

Design & Technology is delivered to Forms 6-8 by a team of specialist Technology teachers, many of whom have a commercial and manufacturing background.   Pupils are taught in small groups in highly equipped rooms, allowing pupils to experience the very latest developments in Design Technology.  We have an extensive suite of computers which pupils use for computer aided design and to research and present their work.

We encourage pupils to become involved in extra-curricular activities. In Technology Club we are currently building a Green Power car, which the pupils will race at a series of national events, including Goodwood.  Previously we have built a hovercraft and also designed and made a courtyard garden which won a Bronze Award at the Hampton Court Flower Show.