The Junior School offers some 30 weekly clubs and activities for the children, covering an impressive range of interests and catering for the whole Junior School age range.  Our clubs and activities are run by a variety of adults including Junior School teachers, Senior School teachers, parents, grandparents and visiting instructors.

Olympic lego

Lego Club


Chess Club







Examples of current or recent clubs include:

Sport Music & Drama Art & Technology Academic Recreational
Netball Wind Band Art (3-D) Science Board Games
Cricket East Kent Children’s Orchestra Art (fine art) Mymaths Speed Stacking
Cricket Nets Junior Choir Jewellery Making Mathletics Ramblers
Hockey Lower School Choir Hama Beads History Chess
Indoor Football String Group Animation workshop English Speaking Board Scrabble
Football Hand Bells Sugarcraft Story Club Computer Games
Squash Drama Club Beads & Buttons Dance
Indoor Rowing Drama: School Production Photography Lego
Rounders Computer programming
Fitness/Running Model Making
Mountain Biking Textiles & Sewing
Tennis Coaching Calligraphy
Fencing Draw, Sketch, Paint
Swimming Origami