2013_JS_House CupAll pupils in Years 3 to 8 are members of one of the four houses (Becket, Chaucer, Marlowe and Roper), as are members of the teaching staff. This vertical social structure, encompassing all members of the school community – youngest to oldest – fosters a sense of loyalty and belonging to a smaller unit within the school.

The house system also encourages a strong sense of engagement in school life, of motivation and competition. Competition breeds effort and excellence. The annual inter-house competition for the House Cup is keenly contested through a wide range of competitions across a diverse array of skills and interests – academic, creative, cultural, sporting and so on. There are some forty or more events in the annual inter-house competition involving children of all ages.

Form 8 pupils have the opportunity to practise skills of organisation, cooperation and leadership through positions such as House Captain and House Games Captain, organising teams, events and so on. Older pupils support and encourage younger members of their houses and younger children enjoy their association with older pupils and learn from them.