Learning Support

2013_JS_A small number of pupils will need extra support in their academic development for some or all of their time in Junior School. These children may be identified through in-school assessments, parental or staff concerns, or from information from the previous school. This curriculum support is provided by experienced teachers of Additional Educational Needs (AEN). Pupils may be supported individually, in small groups or in class

There are numerous reasons why pupils may need extra support:

  • Some pupils may have a specific learning difficulty such as Dyslexia. These children may receive support with reading, spelling, organisation, recording, typing skills or numeracy.
  • Some pupils may need targeted support to help develop social and organizational skills.
  • Other pupils may find academic work difficult and require additional individual help and explanation.
  • Some pupils may have “catching up” to do when they arrive.
  • Pupils with co-ordination difficulties are supported in groups with exercise programmes as recommended by the Occupational Therapy service
  • Children who are particularly able will be given support to develop beyond the normal school curriculum

There may be other reasons specific to a particular child’s individual circumstances.

AEN teachers liaise carefully with teaching staff, ensuring they are kept up to date with information about each child. Regular meetings are held between the AEN teachers in the Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior Schools to ensure continuity and the transfer of information and ideas, especially as children move between the different sections of the School.