Pastoral Care

2016_js_generalAt St Edmund’s we want our boys and girls to enjoy a positive, happy experience of childhood, to feel valued and secure within the School community and to be enthusiastic about their education and their school lives. We know children learn most effectively under these circumstances and we do all we can to make this possible through the curriculum, our extra-curricular programme, the pastoral system, relationships, and through the ethos and atmosphere of the School.

Central to good pastoral care are the excellent relationships and strong rapport between staff and pupils, made possible by small class sizes and the shared experience gained through a lively programme of clubs and activities, and an extensive programme of trips and tours.

The principal figures in our pastoral system are:

  •  Form teachers who manage the day-to-day pastoral care of pupils. They know their pupils well and oversee their welfare and behaviour as well as steer their academic development.
  •  Houseparents and matrons who provide an additional layer of daily care for boarders.
  •  AEN (Additional Educational Needs) staff who are routinely proactive in supporting children.
  •  The Girls’ Housemistress who is responsible specifically for girls’ welfare in Upper School (Years 6-8).
  •  The Senior Master in Upper School and the Head of Lower School in Years 3-5 who provide a more senior layer of pastoral involvement.
  •  The Head and Deputy Head of the Junior School who monitor the provision of pastoral care and are directly involved when appropriate.
  •  Our full-time School Chaplain who is available to all children at any time.
  •  The trained nursing staff in the School’s Medical Centre who provide medical and pastoral care throughout the day and evening.
  •  Our School Counsellor who visits weekly and is on hand to help children when a more specialist counselling service is required.

Representatives from all branches of the pastoral structure meet regularly in the Junior School Pastoral Committee which identifies and takes on cases where the routine pastoral system is not sufficient. Where significant pastoral issues are identified, we recognise the value of maintaining good communications with parents.

Parents are welcome to contact any member of the pastoral team if they have concerns. The Head of the Junior School is always happy to meet with parents, please liaise with the Junior School Secretary to find a convenient time.

We encourage a healthy eating policy, providing well-balanced and nutritious meals and encouraging pupils to bring a healthy mid-morning snack. There is clear guidance on behaviour and social skills, given through form periods, assemblies and chapel. We run a programme of Personal, Social and Health Education in all year groups and an integral part of this is our in-house StEdfast programme, with its emphasis on character development.