School Routine

The academic life of the school operates on a five day a week, Monday to Friday. There are a number of particular activities that take place on Saturday mornings from time to time for some pupils and every weekend for boarders, but all the regular extra-curricular clubs and activities take place during the week.

On weekdays, pupils arrive at school in time for registration at 8.30am, though school is open for arrivals from 8.00am.

During the morning, there are five lessons of 35 minutes, with a 20-minute break at 10.20am. Day pupils bring a small, healthy snack for mid-morning break and a snack is provided for boarders.

A full and healthy lunch with plenty of choice is provided in the dining hall from 12.25pm. There is always a varied vegetarian option and the caterers are able to meet all dietary requirements. A lunch supervisor and the Junior School Matron supervise children in Forms 3-5 while Forms 6-8 eat under the general supervision of the teaching staff. All the staff share the dining hall with the children. The lunch break lasts for an hour and there is time for play, independent study or clubs before afternoon lessons.

The afternoon programme includes four (Lower School) or five (Upper School) academic or games lessons.

Lesson times vary depending on year group. Please click here for a full matrix of the school day.

‘Late Stay’, a supervised homework session, runs at the end of the school day until 5.30pm.

School bus services operating from pick up points across Kent deliver pupils in time for morning registration and depart at the end of the day at 5.30pm.