Hockey update

Tuesday 1st October 2013

2013_girls_hockey_octoberOn Tuesday the St Edmund’s 1st Team played King’s School Canterbury. The week before, Lauren Piper had broken her foot, so we were one significant player down. King’s started with more urgency than us and they took control of the ball, quickly moving it down the pitch and creating many chances for a goal. They scored twice in the first half. We had a stern talk from Mr Hellyar and Mr Maylam and we were determined to improve our game. We succeeded in doing so, and there was especially good work on the right-hand-side from Steph Wethered and Danni O’Neill. However, none of their attempts finished with a goal due to good defending. Eleanor Booton made many outstanding saves during the game, with most of them accompanied by her familiar battle cry. Near the end of the match, the Captain scored a lucky goal with a bouncy hit through the goalie’s legs. The final score was 2-1 to King’s, but it was a very equal match in the second half, and we deserved a draw! Man of the match was Steph Wethered for her good dribbles up the line, and overall hard work.
Ist XI Player

Thursday 3rd October 2013

Last Thursday the 1st Team played Kent College. The match was after school, so we were able to train before the match during games-time. Kent College put out their strongest team, which included six players who play for South East England. This reflects well on St Edmund’s school, as they considered us to be worthy competition especially when they refrained from substituting these players off the pitch after our team put up a hard fight. The first half started with Kent College very dominant, but as the match progressed, strong control of the ball along the sidelines from Danni and Kirsty, and good attacking from Steph meant that St Ed’s were giving Kent College a real challenge. In fact, it is rumoured that the Kent College team were given a stern talking to at half time for allowing St Ed’s so much of the game. Despite our valiant efforts, some lifted hits from the top of the D led to a couple of goals that Eleanor was unable to save. However she was able to make many spectacular saves whilst under intense pressure which led to her being made man of the match. The final score was 5-0 to Kent College, but we played extremely well and our improvement from previous matches was evident.

U15’s hockey report 1st October 2013

On Tuesday 1st October the under 15’s hockey team played a home match against King’s Canterbury. King’s had a convincing 6:0 win. In the 1st 15 minutes the St Ed’s team played very well, not conceding any goals, defending extremely well. However, after King’s scored their 1st goal, the St Ed’s team became a little despondent! and King’s made the ‘most of this’ and a flurry of goals followed. Unfortunately on several occasions our keeper was left vulnerable to multiple shots on goal from a continual King’s attack. Star players were Kate Sherwin, Ruby Rai and Emma Ball who tackled well, moved around the pitch effectively and were always alert and ready to receive the ball. For our next match we will think more about our positioning on pitch and what our roles in the team are.