A Visit from a Knight and a Princess!

knight visit 073The Crickets class (Year One) were so surprised and so, so excited when a KNIGHT and a PRINCESS walked into the classroom looking for children to be their SQUIRES!knight visit 012






Sir Giles and Princess Olivia explained that the job of a squire was a hard one!  Squires had lots of work to do: cleaning the castle; polishing the armour; learning to joust and fight with swords; horse riding and learning to dance.  After seven years of being a squire the children could then become a knight!

The children were very keen to learn some Squire Skills and train to be a knight.

First Princess Olivia taught the girls how to curtsey and the boys how to bow.

knight visit 024Sir Giles amazed us with his tales of sword fighting and jousting, he then taught the children some thrilling, swash-buckling moves!knight visit 034





Sir Giles impressed upon the children the importance of the Knight’s Code of Chivalry: protect other people; never attack an unarmed man; treat everyone with kindness and respect.

The morning of fun (and hard work!) ended with a “Dubbing Ceremony” in which Sir Giles dubbed every child “Sir…” or “Lady…”.  We finished with a celebratory dance to medieval music… Princess Olivia and Sir Giles teaching us a few steps and the children dancing with each other.

knight visit 046 knight visit 041 knight visit 063 knight visit 072














Thank you very much Sir Giles and Lady Olivia (two of our Sixth Form Drama Scholars), it was a most splendid morning!knight visit 058