Forest School fun!

2018_pp_forest school IMG_7206The ladybirds had their first Forest School session of the New Year and what fun we had! It was the first time at Forest School for some of the children and so we had planned to go and simply explore the wonderful environment, however the children planned so much more once we were down there!

On arrival the children were quick to start gathering sticks to make a ‘camp fire’ and during this work they discovered sticks that looked just like Stick Man! What fun was had finding more characters and the children decided to ‘plant’ the sticks into the mud to make their own ‘stick story’! We had dragon sticks, which sticks, stick man sticks, dinosaur sticks and even a crocodile stick!

Max was thrilled to find a curly stick which he started to wind round and round and we all began to sing, “Wind the bobbin up”. This then began quite an orchestra with children finding different natural materials to turn into music makers to play whilst singing together.

What a wonderful afternoon of natural fun –thank you Ladybirds!

2018_pp_forest school IMG_7179 2018_pp_forest schoolIMG_7183   2018_pp_forest school IMG_7227 2018_pp_forest school IMG_7230