Organists’ Lunchtime Concert

2018_music_organistsThe original ‘wondrous machine’ is alive and well at St Edmund’s, as demonstrated by five pupils in our inaugural lunchtime concert for organists this afternoon.  This was a fantastic opportunity for both staff and pupils to appreciate the vast range and combinations of sounds available on the organ – from sparkling flutes to wall-vibrating tubas.  Alex Thorne (L6) and Timon Staehler (U5) played pieces by J.S Bach, Fergus McKie (Year 7) played two short pieces from the 19th century and Will Inscoe (U5) played Boëllman’s wonderfully eerie ‘Toccata’ from the Suite Gothique. To complete the programme, Charlie Francis played two contrasting pieces by French organist Louis Vierne, finishing with the rousing ‘Finale’ from Symphony No. 1.

Huge congratulations to all performers and our thanks to Dr David Flood for his support in making this concert possible.  We’re already looking forward to the next one!

Thursday 11 January 2018