Ski Trip Blog


On Friday 9th February 42 eager pupils are travelling to Canada for a week of skiing and snowboarding in the picturesque mountain village of Tremblant  – also known as the Disney village due to its multi coloured rooftops!

This will be the 44th residential overseas trip organised by the Junior School PE department in the last 15 years and all of them featuring Mr Penn’s famous bingo bonanza! With pupils from Year 6 to Upper Sixth, trips such as these see the easy mixing of students from across the year groups which illustrates the sense of community and togetherness for which St Edmund’s is so well known.

Look out for daily reports here…

Day 1

After an amazing Canadian breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs with maple syrup bacon we headed off for an early ski fit, and made our way up to meet our instructors.

The first day skiing was ‘”exhilarating and awesome” Rowan Bayly.

Then it was back to the hotel for an outdoor hot tub and sauna, dinner at the Canadian sports bar and hopefully an early night. Roll on tomorrow!

Day 2

On the second day we woke up with frosty faces as Mrs Relf threw snow at us, then we made our way to breakfast to give us the energy to ski. Next we met up with our instructors and headed off to the top of the mountain. We had two sessions of skiing with our instructors, one the morning and one in the afternoon both were very eventful, with a few tumbles down the Fuddle Duddle slope. In the evening we had dinner at Le Shack and unfortunately, for the first time in 13 years, the bingo game was postponed due to it being past Mr Penn’s bed time!

Manish Kumar Reddy and Olivia Nicolls with a slight input from Ellisa walker-Reid

 Day 3

Today was an eventful day with the temperature at -12 degrees Celsius. First we all woke up at 6.30 am (some took longer than others to wake up, leading to them being dragged out of their bed). After that we took a walk to Casey’s restaurant where we had a king sized breakfast with a selection of maple syrup covered foods, fried breakfasts and cereals. We were full up and ready to go for our third day of skiing.

It was very icy so that lead to a fair few tumbles, but we got back on our skis with smiles on our faces (because it was hilarious) a great example would be Dali Tabony falling down the mountain backwards, and her sister India Tabony crashing into a tree (I guess it runs in the family). Then our frozen bodies waddled back to the hotel were Mr Penn announced the Hooley hat’s new owner. Now we are getting ready to go to another delicious dinner followed by snow tubing (aka flinging yourself down a mountain in a massive tractor tyre) we have had a great time and looking forward to another amazing day.

Rebecca Reynolds, Dali Tabony, Alisha Davis and Charlotte Richards

Day 4

Today started off well, a bit chilly as it was -23 degrees Celsius, but the sky was clear and beautifully blue. However, everyone was in a good mood because the breakfast never fails to please us! Since it was very cold the conditions were very icy to begin with but after lunch it started to warm up (finally!) After all of us had our tumble we raced down the mountain and took our boots off (the best feeling ever after a long day skiing).

We relaxed in our amazing rooms for a while and then went out for dinner at `Le Shack`. There was a choice of burgers or chicken (and the vegetarian option) it was delicious! We then trotted on in our ski gear to snow tubing – again, it was great! Racing and flying down the hill together, and then crashing into a mound of snow at the bottom (we still went down again though!). After that we came back to our warm hotel and went up to our rooms, we were allowed to go out so some people went to the hot tub and others went ice skating. The view was stunning, even in the dark, as the skate rink was coated in snowflakes and draped in fairy lights. Finally, after a long day, we went up to our rooms and watched the eventful Winter Olympics. It was a great, fun-filled day!

Rebecca Reynolds

 Day 5

Today began with Mrs Relf coming in singing happy songs and pulling us out of our warm cosy beds. The day started off at – 9 degrees Celsius but luckily it warmed up to -3! After our delicious breakfast we skipped over to the ski lift for our last day of skiing to make it as long as possible. Everyone was upset that our skiing days were nearly over but we were just as enthusiastic as the other days. We got off the ski lift and departed to our ski instructors. We took the gondola up to the top of the mountain (where it is the coldest) and started our last day’s skiing. After a few speedy runs we stopped for lunch (our final lunch) to warm up. We all had very nice ski instructors and they all got together to make all of the pupils lovely chocolate brownies. After our final runs we said an upsetting goodbye to our amazing, kind instructors. Then we trudged back down the mountain and took our ski boots off and sadly returned them to the rental company. We walked back to our hotel for another speech from Mr Penn (just as hilarious as the previous ones) and went back up to our rooms. After dinner at Casey’s we went to the 10 pin bowling alley. It was such fun and everyone had a great time and then had a play in the colourful arcade. Back at the hotel and we had the option to do whatever we pleased! After a long, busy and emotional rollercoaster of a day we all jumped into our lovely warm beds and for a great night’s sleep – hoping ma’am will wake us up tomorrow with songs rather than snow!

Rebecca Reynolds and Dali Tabony

Day 6

Today started off at 6am without happy songs sung by Mrs Relf, instead we woke up with Mrs Relf pouring her mysterious stash of snow on our faces! But that didn’t stop us from enjoying our lovely hot breakfast from Casey’s with the same great selection as always! Then we had a leisurely stroll back to our rooms and got ready to go to the mall. It was an hour drive to get there but it was worth it. We got there at 10am (as soon as they opened) and shopped till we dropped. It was such a lovely mall and had lots of designer shops and every shop had at least one discount. It was amazing and we all had the best time, but the fun wasn’t over. Then we took an adventure to Walmart. We all took a trolley and pushed it around stuffing it with as many sweets and chocolates we could fit in, it was very fun (and funny). Then, after that back to the hotel for dinner and finally, what we have all been waiting for Mr Penn’s BINGO EVENING …..

Unfortunately we leave tomorrow, but we have Laser Quest, ice skating, scenic walk and swimming to choose from before our flight home…see you on Saturday St Edmund’s.

Rebecca Reynolds