Stargazing in the London Planetarium

DFGreenwich 005The Dragonflies (Year 2) are learning about “Space” this half term and what better way to start the topic than a trip to the London Planetarium?

The children were very excited to enter the planetarium and see the huge, domed screen above their heads.  They enjoyed settling into the comfortable, reclining seats and gazing up at the stars – learning about the planets in the Solar System and how to identify the constellation of stars called “The Great Bear”.

DFGreenwich 018After the planetarium show we had a chance to touch a 4.5 billion year old meteorite – formed around the same time as our Sun and Earth.  “It’s so cold and smooth!” said Felix.

DFGreenwich 008DFGreenwich 012The children visited the interactive galleries and enjoyed enjoyed exploring the artefacts.  They were fascinated by the beautiful photographs of the stars and planets taken through telescopes – we all chose a favourite one and explained why we liked it so much.  “I can’t believe all those swirly stars are more and more galaxies!” gasped Alex.

DFGreenwich 2We loved exploring the Royal Observatory and seeing so many huge telescopes – it was amazing to think about the clever men and women from the past who first explored space with a telescope in Greenwich.  And of course no visit to Greenwich is complete without standing on the Greenwich Meridian Line – the children thought it was very funny to have half of their bodies in the west and half in the east!

DFGreenwich 026A short walk through Greenwich Park took us to the Maritime Museum and the Queen’s House.  We felt like kings and queens as we ascended the Tulip Stairs to the Queen’s Presence Chamber where we were tremendously excited to see the Armada Portrait – a painting of Queen Elizabeth I that we had studied last term.  The children gazed upon it for a long time – spotting lots of small details that they had not noticed before and comparing it to the large collage of the picture they had worked on together.  Our picture was pretty good but we decided that the real painting was a bit better.

It was the perfect way to end our wonderful day in London.