Forest School Fun

The Ladybirds Class had their first session back at our wonderful school woodland site today and what a glorious time they had! Gone was (most of) the mud from last term and instead the children were delighted to discover much new life there. Bluebells, violets, new sycamore trees emerging and a wonderful leaf canopy already from the oak trees.

The children had fun today discovering tree bark and each child had the opportunity to make their own tree rubbings. Great fun was had finding their own individual named trees before beginning to make wonderful tree art to take home.

There were bugs galore to be discovered and the children were particularly fascinated to see woodlice and much discussion was had about how they had protective body armour to protect them from birds. They were thrilled to see one rolling about when I picked it up, before slowly emerging and racing around my hand at top speed! Some super natural discoveries to be had!

A glorious afternoon was had by us all.