GCSE Revision Boot Camp 2018

2018_ss_revision_bootcampThe first St Edmund’s GCSE Boot Camp began with a slightly ironic twist as thirteen lucky (or unlucky!) students braved the ominously misty Monday morning in their last week of a much needed Easter holiday.

The intrepid revisers were greeted with their personalised revision pods accompanied by a mound of stationery that Sir Edmund Hillary himself would have greeted with trepidation.

Each day, the students warmed both limbs and minds alike through some good-humoured sporting activities before knuckling down to session after session of intensive revision. The first three sessions, albeit interspersed with a plethora of snacks and a tsunami of tea, involved silently revising subjects and topics that had been rigorously planned on the first morning of camp. The penultimate session of the day afforded an opportunity to break the exam hall replicating silence as students were split into study groups, before consolidating their learning and planning ahead in the final session of the day.

The initial days of the week saw revision stations adorned with a variety of colourful and inventive revision materials in preparation for the last two days where students dug deep to complete as many past papers as humanly possible.

2018_ss_revision_bootcampDespite some understandable flagging around the 4pm mark, every student who took part surpassed expectation in both their approach to their study as well as the creative and inspiring revision materials created throughout the week. They should all be extremely proud of what they have accomplished.

I firmly believe that by attending the camp every student has made positive marginal gains in their exam preparation and I look ahead with baited breath to see how much progression has been made by the ‘Boot Camp 13’ this year.

To quote the all-conquering All Blacks rugby team, ‘Champions do extra’. If that is the case, as it has seemingly been proven to be, these students can look forward to their crowning glory on Thursday 23rd August 2018.

Mr Ross Comfort, English Teacher and Boot Camp Organiser