Forest School hats

The Ladybirds Class had great fun at Forest School investigating colourful natural materials and weeds on the way to Forest School today. The children went armed with a card head band (and the ever useful double sided tape!) and found a wide range of coloured things to stick on their hats. An abundance of fallen Horse Chestnut blossom, fluffy feathers, daisies, dandelions, small sticks, flowering grass, cut grass and even violets were found to decorate head bands. The children had a wonderful time helping each other find matching items and items small enough to fit.

When we arrived at Forest School the children decided to try tying knots in string and found the trees wonderful anchors for their knot tying. We even managed to tie string between two trees and use it as a washing line to hang various Forest School treasure on! There were also bugs galore and much wildlife investigation took place too with children happily handling wood lice for the first time!

A wonderful afternoon of fun was had and fabulous weather too! What a treat!