Taking turtles to town…

2018_js_turtles IMG_9781On Friday 4th May in the afternoon the Lower School Fairtrade Club set off to the Conquest House Gallery in Canterbury to open an exhibition called ‘Trail’. This exhibition aims to raise awareness of the impact of a wasteful lifestyle on the environment and any creature’s habitat.

We had been asked to contribute our papier mâché turtles which we made during Fairtrade Fortnight (see Fairtrade report from 13th March 2018). The Moon Turtle, Land Turtle, Earth Turtle, Sea Turtle, Sun Turtle, Rainbow Turtle and One World Turtle symbolise the importance of looking after our world. They were inspired by the Fairtrade Banana Cooperative Coobana in Panama, who chose to use some of their Fairtrade Premium to look after their local turtle population.

2018_js_turtles IMG_9767The children’s work is exhibited amongst other pieces of art by local artists who used recycled material and found objects to inspire the visitors to think about how we can reduce, recycle waste and re-think our way of life. There is also an opportunity to join in with some recycled sowing and weaving for visitors of the gallery.

The children impressed me with how well they explained our work and how much they have been thinking about our own responsibility to reduce waste.

If you are interested in visiting the exhibition, it will run until the 2nd of June and is open during these times: Tuesdays- Saturday from 8.30-6pm, Sundays from 9.30-2pm.

It would be lovely to see you there!

Well done to Isla, Tabatha, Olivia, Maria, Zoë, Autumn, James, Cora, Zoe, Percy, George, Marshall and Joseph!

2018_js_turtles IMG_9776 2018_js_turtles IMG_9775