Tree planting in Forest School

This week the Ladybirds went to Forest School armed with a spade and fork ready to plant a very healthy discovered ash sapling that Mrs George had found growing behind our planting trough. The tree was carefully transported to Forest School by the children and much discussion was had about where the best place would be to plant it. We discussed the importance of light and having enough space to grow and that it would not be a good place to plant it where the grounds staff mow. In the end the children chose a special spot not far from the hazel tree we planted several years ago.

Max and Ophelia chose to help dig and they did a splendid job before carefully settling the sapling into its new home. They then gave the ash a good drink and the children decided we would need to go and water it again this week if it does not rain. We will wait and see what the weather brings!

The children then set to work undertaking more knot tying and trying to transport logs around the site using string tied at both ends. Enormous fun was had before we settled down for a camp fire snack.

Much learning took place today about trees and what they need to survive and how we can look after them. A beautiful afternoon.