Jaya and Lucy skydive for charity

2018_ss_skydive_G0021083As many of us enjoyed a lazy exeat weekend recently, two of our Lower Sixth girls were preparing to throw themselves out of an aeroplane. Jaya Lorne and Lucy Bullows have raised hundreds of pounds for the Oaks Children’s Centre at the Royal Marsden Hospital, in memory of Ollie Cripps.

They both landed safely and there were sighs of relief all round. The photos are stunning and these very brave girls certainly have special memories of the experience.

Jaya has submitted the following report about their experience:

“We arrived at Headcorn Tandem Skydiving Centre at 8 o’clock to check in. We were given a briefing on exit positions, landing position and general safety. At around 10:45 we were called into standby where we got into our jumpsuits and harnesses. They gave us some really fashionable (!) hats and goggles, luckily we didn’t need to wear them until later on. Once we’d met our instructors we ran through the landing position again.

The plane then collected us with some other professional skydivers and we flew to 12,000ft. We watched in fear as the professionals threw themselves from the plane. Lucy shuffled to the door and disappeared very quickly with her arms wrapped across her chest. I did the same 7-8 seconds later. I genuinely didn’t realise I’d jumped out the plane as everything seemed to slow down. For 30 seconds we were in free fall before opening the parachute. The instructor gave me the steering toggles for a while and showed me the area we were gliding over. He then scared the life out of me by doing three or four 360 degree spins above the airfield and eventually we drifted down to the landing area where we met Lucy. We both enjoyed our experiences and said we would definitely do it again.”