A great term for Junior School sport

The magic number for this term is 118! That is the number of competitive sports fixtures played by our children from Form 3 to 8 in Hockey and Football.

Our key sporting philosophies in the Junior School PE department have always been to teach a varied program of sport delivered in a disciplined fashion with fun and enjoyment and above all, participation for everyone.

We continue to strive to improve and enhance the above and this Michaelmas Term has been better than ever. The day to day teaching program began back in September with a series of fun fitness tests for all children from Form 3 to 8 to establish a base level from which to monitor the children’s physical development and this continues at the start of the next 2 terms. We then embarked on a 4 week rotation of sports in PE which included: badminton, hand-ball, basketball, lacrosse, fitness circuits, uni-hockey and games for understanding.

The games program has followed the traditional path this term, of football for boys and hockey for girls, with cross-country becoming a more familiar addition once again to our sporting calendar. Statistics in sport often mask the truth but we are proud once again, NOT to cover up our participation numbers and fixtures played against opposing schools on our circuit. These have grown year on year with numbers reaching a Junior School high this term.

Girls Hockey – pupils from Form 5-8 have played 52 matches with every girl playing in a school competitive fixture.  The U13/12 A and B teams have only lost 2 matches out of 22 played and the U13A scoring 43 goals only conceding 10.  We have 4 girls playing at Canterbury Hockey Club select teams and Molly Anne-Burden in the U13 County squad.

Boys Football – pupils from Form 3-8 have played 66 matches with the U13/12 group having 4 teams out on a Wednesday on 5 occasions, meaning every boy from Form 7/8 played in a competitive school fixture. The U11/10 group have also played on 9 occasions and the U9s playing in 5 fixtures and remained unbeaten.  Four boys have been selected for U12 district squad. Our U11 team won 1-0 at Northbourne Park, first win of season scored in the last minute. They look very happy in the photo.

Our Cross Country runners, both boys and girls teams from Form 7/8 have run in county and district competitions with great success. Year 7 pupil Adam Whitlock has been selected for the U13 county squad. Zoe Rogers, Henry Goodwin and Charlie Alexander have qualified for County champs in January.

Tennis – we have two up and coming county and national players at U12 and U13. Michael Nkereuwem National for the U12 and Charlie Gotke County for the U13.

Our Clubs continue to run with excellent attendance. Early morning Shake Up and Wake up has been really well attended this term with the early start ensuring the pupils are alert and ready for a days work.  Our Dance Club, Hockey and Football club for Lower School remain popular. Our Sports Scholars and Gifted and Talented group have trained twice weekly before school and have shown 100% commitment.

We look forward to next term when we take 40 children from Junior and Senior School to Vermont in America for a weeks skiing and 60 Junior School pupils travelling to the Netherlands to play 6 competitive hockey and football matches against Dutch clubs, the U13 St Edmund’s hockey team are under pressure as they are were unbeaten in Europe last year!

Linda Relf and Chris Penn

Head of Girls’ Games and Head of Boys’ Games