Form 8 French Trip to Arras

On Tuesday, Form 8 had an early start in the music block car park, where we began our journey to Arras, France. We travelled by coach and Eurotunnel all the way to our pen friends school (Le Collège Paul Verlaine). We started with a tour of the school with the English teacher (talking in French of course). After the tour, we met our pen friends, who then took us to their school’s World War 1 memorial service (they planted a tree in their yard as a symbol for Peace ‘L’arbre de la Paix’). In the memorial service our pen friends sang our National Anthem which was very good.

We then met them at the Christmas market. We had half an hour to find our way around the market while we waited for our pen pals. When they arrived, we split into smaller groups and went around the market. We really enjoyed ice skating, a brilliant ferris wheel that looked over the whole of Arras and lots of local food and unique local gifts to purchase for Christmas presents. As time ran out, we said farewell to our pen friends and got on the coach home. The trip was very enjoyable and challenged the French skills we have been learning through Junior School. A big ‘Merci’ to Madame Villeneuve-Newies for organising such a great trip and to all the teachers who looked after us for the day: Mrs Dieppedalle, Mr Penn, Mrs Relf and Ms Baird.

Report by Alex Balcomb, Form 8 pupil