Inter-House Badminton

On Tuesday 4th December some enthusiastic badminton players took part in the Inter-House Badminton competition.

All 4 courts of the Sports Hall were utilised in a round-robin event with each House putting forward two pairs of players. Each pair played a pair from the 3 other houses, resulting in 12 matches in total. A “match” consisted of an 8 minute period of non-stop competitive play, scored as in a typical badminton match, but without stopping at 21.

All matches were competitively fought and there was some effective use of angles and placement, as well as some predictably hard smashing.

The Warneford team of Mike Chow, Geri Ng, Sophia Kutnjak, Terence Yue and Hoffman Leong played with determination and flair. Their matches against Baker’s Gabriele Hu, Haziq Fazal, Spencer Wong and Mekhail Laghari were tense, nail biting affairs with honours eventually split between the two pairs.

Samik Shrestha and Warren Limbu put up a valiant defence for Wagner, ably supported by Joseph Burton and Kristina Samai who, as the lone Lower Fifth, is to be admired for her willingness to give everything a go.

Watson were energetic and courageous in battle, struggling somewhat against Houses comprising most of the school’s badminton team members. Kristina Rai with Weichen Lu, and Daniil Crowder with Lubhanshi Arora should be commended for their commitment and effort, representing their House. Watson fielded more girls on their team than any other House: go Watson!

After the full 3 rounds of 8 minutes, when all Houses had played each other, there was a tie for first place between Warneford and Baker, both Houses having played 6 matches, won 5 and lost 1. The Warneford/Baker tie was itself shared with one win and one loss per House.

A quick tally of overall points gained showed that the numbers were too close to call and that Baker and Warneford should be declared joint winners for 2018-19.

Respectable Third: Wagner

Valiant Fourth: Watson

An excellent competition, played in good spirit but with real gusto and determination. Well done all!

Report by Dr Cathy Sotillo