Ladybirds Class trip to Canterbury Cathedral

The Ladybirds Class have very much enjoyed their topic work this term on celebrating different festivals, and following our work on The Nativity we decided to take the class to Canterbury Cathedral on Thursday 13 December with our Chaplain to see the beautiful nativity tableau.

What a wonderful trip! We parked outside choir house and walked the short distance to the tableau and the children were amazed at the different shapes they could see on the outside of the stained glass windows. What wonderful maths detectives the ladybirds are! Once at the tableau the children were thrilled to see all the characters they had played in their nativity play to the parents. Lots of excited discussion about what they could see and then the children were given a sheet with different characters to spot, to further their discussions.

We then went inside the cathedral to see the colours on the stained glass windows and were lucky enough to hear the choir practising.

The Ladybirds were beautifully behaved and were great ambassadors for the school. A huge thank you to Chaplain for accompanying us and helping us on our trip.