St Nicholas Parade 2018

What do:
A Saturday in December,
a blue sky,
frosty weather,
Samba rhythms,
sparkly mitres,
colourful costumes,
a brass band,
cheering crowds,
carol singing in the Cathedral,
hot chocolate for afters
and St Nicholas on a float
have in common?

They are all key ingredients to make a fabulous St Nicholas Parade!

The small and dedicated group of musicians from Junior School included Eliana, Isla, Oliver, Matthew, Fabian, Frederick and families. This year’s parade happened on Saturday, 8th December to celebrate St Nicholas Day. St Nicholas, the patron saint of all children and seafarers is celebrated in countries around the world on St Nicholas Day, 6th December. This year the parade was joined by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop Trevor and of course, St Nicholas himself!

St Edmund’s children have participated with a group of percussionists for four years now. It is a wonderful community event. Well done to everyone for joining in with this wonderful annual Festival Parade. See you again next year!

Mrs Thyssen