Suffragette Assembly

On 14th December 1918, exactly 100 years ago today, women voted for the first time in a British election, after being granted the vote earlier in the year. In Senior School chapel this morning, we marked this momentous day with a special assembly. Candles in the suffragist colours of green, white and red (green, white and violet for the Suffragettes) were lit by pupil representatives in the school community from Britain, America, China and Germany after a presentation given by the chaplain, who started off by saying that he always believed that New Zealand was the first ‘country’ in the world to give women the vote (in 1893), only to find out in his research that the Isle of Man beat his homeland to it by 12 years!

Dr Rowcroft conducted a specially-formed choir of women teachers and senior girls in the singing of the Suffragettes’ song ‘The March of the Women’ and Alice Mount, our Senior Vice Captain of School, gave a stirring rendition of one of Mrs Pankhurst’s famous speeches calling the women of Britain to rebellion!