The Curiosity Shop: Brexit by Professor Amelia Hadfield

On Tuesday 4th December, St Edmund’s Senior School welcomed Amelia Hadfield, an extremely well known Professor of European and International Relations at Canterbury Christ Church University and Junior School parent. The talk attracted a large crowd, which was not very surprising considering the pedigree of such a talented professor.

It was evident that Professor Hadfield was skilled in her profession. Here she unravelled the policies that Brexit could potentially offer on what can only be described as the UK’s favourite topic of conversation.

The talk was fascinating, exploring the depth of detail that is hidden behind a torrid surface that is the face that the public sees about Brexit. The main focus of the talk was aimed at what exactly is Brexit? This was depicted remarkably well by Professor Hadfield, exploring the movement’s withdrawal treaty and the Irish backstop.

However, a large majority of the audience will be reading this wanting to know the answer to one underlying question; what does Brexit mean for Kent? The answer here is complex according to Professor Hadfield. The talk also explored how in a Conservative based region, Kent must ask itself how is this beneficial for us? One aspect that was discussed in detail was the Dover crisis and debate on traffic congestion. This has been one of the main focuses on Kent with Professor Hadfield stating that traffic could pile up all the way to Cambridge, let alone Kent. In addition to this, the professor went on to say, “none of the systems are yet in place” as she informed the group that twelve were needed to enforce the deal.

The school was privileged to have such an informative speaker on the topic. The only question left is what will happen next week with a deal or no deal?

Louis Gray, Lower Sixth pupil