The Honeybees and Ladybirds Nativity Play – Shine Star Shine

The Honeybees and Ladybirds took to the stage this week to perform their Christmas play ‘Shine Star Shine’. Max took on the role of the big star, who had forgotten how to shine. The angels and stars, Eloise, Jasmine and Chloe, tried everything they could to help him.

Alice, Beau, Laurence, Aidan and Helena were super shepherds, stumbling and tripping up through the dark to Bethlehem as there was no light from the star to show them the way. The Kings experienced similar problems, riding through the desert, a little lost without the starlight.

The angels danced and sang to help the big star but to no avail! Finally, the big star met baby Jesus and this made him very shiny indeed. The Kings and Shepherd could now find the stable and give their gifts to Baby Jesus.

Well done Honeybees and Ladybirds. What lovely singing and dancing!

Mrs Millard, Performing Arts Teacher